Ace of Wands

The Root of the Powers of Fire

A White Radiating Angelic Hand, issuing from clouds, and grasping a heavy club, which has three branches in the colours, and with the sigils, of the scales. The Right-and Lefthand branches end respectively in three Flames, and the Centre one in four Flames: thus yielding Ten: the Number of the Sephiroth. Two-and-twenty leaping Flames, or Yodh, surround it, answering to the Paths; of these, three fall below the Right branch for Aleph, Men, and Shin, seven above the Central branch for the double letters; and between it and that of the Right twelve: six above and six below about the Lefthand branch. The whole is a great and flaming Torch. It symbolizes Forceóstrength, rush, vigour, energy, and it governs, according to its nature, various works and questions.It implies Natural, as opposed to Invoked, Force.